Because the streets of Ajijic house countless homeless dogs, dog shit is a frequent sidewalk hazard. One has to be very careful where one steps when walking in town. I have been lucky; I have yet to step in a dog dropping. But dogs are only part of the excrement problem. Horses, while accompanied by humans, pooper-scooperless humans, defecate at will on our streets, too. Again, I have managed to avoid wearing manure on my Imelda Marcos-inspired collection of shoes. To add to this shitty situation, one has to understand, like everywhere else, there is a certain amount of bullshit in local politics and government. I have, however, managed to avoid any contact with this form of verbal guano, too.

But now a new problem has arisen. As I interact with other American expats here, I have to be aware that some, not a large percent, may drop a load of Trump shit at my feet. I have not been as lucky side-stepping this form of feces.

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