The “C” Word

I have coined a new word, a term for a female Donald Trump supporter. Oh, I know, the term is offensive to many women, and to those of you who I do respect, I apologize. But I will use the term anyway to prove a point; there is a method to my madness.

From this day forward the poor-excuses for women who support Trump—strumpets like television commentators and political spokespersons like Anne Coulter, Scottie Nell Hughes, and Katrina Pierson—shall be known as cunttrumps.

When the first one of these misguided misses wails how offensive that term is, I will respond thusly: “Oh, now you acknowledge some words, some labels, are offensive. Now you recognize that people outside targeted groups should be sensitive to their victims’ feelings, background, and baggage. Now you understand how words can hurt. Now, suddenly, “political correctness” is relevant. I thought hate for, opposition to, and resentment of “political correctness,” which is nothing more than respect for, civility toward, and consideration of those different than one’s self, was at the core of modern Conservative politics. And I do realize that is a contradiction in terms. I also thought the irrational anger against “being P.C.” was one of the unifying forces and motivations energizing Trump’s followers. Apparently, however, being politically correct makes more sense when you are the target of the anger, disrespect, and hate.

Right, cunttrumps?

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