“The Tom-unist Manifesto” Sampler

Even before I moved to Ajijic, friends asked why and how I had made this major decision. As a result, I began writing about my socio-political evolution, which I titled “The Tom-unist Manifesto,“ with hopes it would answer these questions.  It is a 50+ page autobiographical history that I have not shared with others or decided how or if it will be published.  On Presidents’ Day in the States, I share, for the first time, excerpts pertaining to Donald Trump, who shall not be honored today or on future Presidents’ Days.

                I begin with the first paragraph, the introduction to “The Tom-unist Manifesto.” Subsequent passages will be marked, separated by a gap and asterisks (****).


I moved to Mexico during the first half of 2015. “Moved” is a euphemism for emigrated. It was not a traditional move like changing neighborhoods or relocating from the Washington State to Washington, D.C. I left the United States. It was not an easy or sudden decision. While the seeds for this relocation were planted decades earlier, the actual process began in 2000. One might ask then, if the decision was difficult and took years to reach, why was it made? Why did I feel the need to leave the United States? How did I make that decision? To answer those logical questions, one has to go back to my early childhood, to my elementary school years, to begin tracking the course of events that lead to my leaving the United States.


(I have just discussed the 2000 and 2004 elections of George W. Bush.)

As a side note, it was about this time, the 2004 election, that I became aware of my extreme dislike for another American. I had known of him for approximately two decades following news reports of his successful business ventures, real estate investments, and unsuccessful marriages. But I did not have a strong opinion of him one way or the other.  When Donald Trump, however, began making the talk-show rounds in 2004 promoting his new television program The Apprentice that I became truly aware of what an egotistical, angry, despicable, humorless man he is. The Apprentice was not a reality television show based on a talent competition like American Idol. It didn’t educate like The Amazing Race. It didn’t test the psychological strength or physical stamina of its competitors like Survivor or Big Brother. Instead, The Apprentice was about capitalism and greed, both individual and corporate. I watched one episode of the program during that first season to see if I could stomach it. I couldn’t.

Host Trump, of course, remained a television fixture whether I watched his program or not. He was seen, additionally, as owner of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, as well as in his frequent self-promoting visits to talk shows or as the subject of celebrity gossip on programs like Entertainment Tonight. I grew more weary of, more irritated by his persona, words, and smarminess. Within a few years I began repeating a premonition-like sentence: All that is wrong with the United States can be summarized in two words—Donald Trump. But more about this manipulative, opportunistic, exploitive, and hate-filled, sociopath later.


(Prior to this passage, Obama just had been elected in 2008.)

Immediately, Republicans began opposing anything and everything Obama said or stood for. In fact, at the beginning of the Obama Administration, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said his number one goal was to make Obama a one-term president. Should not his top priority be serving the nation and its people? Instead, his goal was ensuring the president was a failure. He and his GOP cronies did this opposing, blocking, and obstructing any and all suggestions, measures, and policies made by Obama and other Democrats before analyzing them, before considering how they may serve our nation and its people. McConnell chose to serve party before country. Extremists, among them Donald Trump, even went so far as to vehemently challenge Obama’s American birth or Christian faith. They did this because Obama’s father is Kenyan, Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, and he is the product of a mixed-marriage.


That brings us to the 2016 elections and the emergence of Donald Trump. How, it has been asked countless times, could have Trump, an egomaniacal, angry, tactless, immature, spoiled divisive personality, become a serious political force?  Analysts have claimed Trump simply connected with that portion of the American public that is frustrated and angry with our partisan politics and slow-moving, unresponsive government. I will go one step farther; he connected with those Americans who are fed up with our system, the one established in the Constitution. But I will go even one step farther. Trump connected with the racist, anti-all religions except Christianity, homophobic, underbelly of American Society I fear has always been lurking in the darkness of America, waiting to pounce when the situation was correct.  The election of an African-American leader; the expansion of political correctness, which is simply sensitivity to people with different backgrounds than one’s own, and the US Supreme Court’s legalizing same-sex marriage made the situation ripe for Donald Trump to go from business tycoon and reality television personality to political spokesman.


While the die seemed to be cast prior to the 2016 Republican Convention, it still was a shock that Donald Trump became its presidential nominee. It was even more a shock that he was elected president. All that I had predicted years before; the potential for Americans to follow a crazy, deranged, egomaniac; the arrogance of believing Nazi Germany’s horrors could not repeated here; the exposing the plethora of America’s hypocrisies; and the underestimated depth of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, and anti-Semitism in the heartland had come true.

All that and my premonition that “All that is wrong with the US can be summarized in two words—Donald Trump” has become reality. It is shocking. But it is not surprising. I’ve been preparing myself for this for years. As a result, I won’t be returning to American soil while Deranged Donald presides, unless a family emergency occurs.

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