At 71

I learned the truth at 71

That life surprisingly isn’t done

That seniors with fanciful minds

Can untap hidden mental finds.


Like pleasant pastimes they never knew

Painting, acting to name a few

Or volunteering’s many doors

At 71, they find new shores


And those who have wrinkled bodies

Can still gawk at youthful hotties

On computers quick as a jet

While traveling through the internet


Their dogs and cats with loyal eyes

See their humans as a gold prize

And still provide them with playful fun

At 71


But now we face this damn disease,

And we watch as our comfort flees.

These times are scary, it is true

Depressing and maddening, too.


So in times of uncertainty

Focus on positivity

And you may happily explore

72, 83, or 94.

4 thoughts on “At 71

  1. Another brilliant post. Do you no longer look at Messenger? I ill quit sending if you tell me you no longer ant to h

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not that I don’t want to hear from you. But with over 250 people posting messages and/or messaging, I have to prioritize. Many of your messenger posts are “unavailable” or can’t be seen. And I’m not interested in the sexual ones, not any more. So, sorry to say, I stopped reading them.


  2. Many of your messenger shares were “unavailable” or couldn’t be seen. Or too many had sexual themes that became repetitive. As for political themed stuff . . . enough EVERYONE. We hate him. Rightfully. But we don’t have to be reminded constantly. So I stopped looking at the messages.


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